DIY Beauty Treatments You Can Do from Home

Beauty is not cheap—we all spend loads of hard-earned cash to create our best selves. Whether it’s skin, hair, or nail care, countless specialists claim they can do it better. The truth is, there are many simple, affordable DIY beauty treatments you can do from home. Check out these tips to ensure you never break the bank over a simple cosmetic activity ever again.

Homemade Face Mask

Face masks are stress-free ways to clean out your pores, strip dirt from your skin, and leave your face looking vibrant. Unfortunately, they can get expensive—but luckily, many ingredients that make the perfect DIY face masks are probably lying around your house. For instance, combining two tablespoons of oats, a teaspoon of honey, and coconut oil with a little bit of water will adequately moisturize your skin.

Steam Facial

It may seem as though any procedure involving steam must require specialized equipment to be truly effective. Truthfully, there are a few ways you can create your own steam to benefit your skin’s health. Simply boil a large bowl of water and allow it to cool momentarily. Then, drop a few essential oils in the bowl and bring your face closer. Remember to cover your face with a washcloth to trap in the steam for optimal results.

Spa Mani and Pedi

A visit to the spa for nail care is easily one of the most expensive beauty treatments out there. Not to mention, appointments that inevitably take a few hours can add stress, which in of itself negatively affects your natural beauty. However, you can easily conduct many of the services that spas provide right from your house. For example, there’s plenty of DIY scrubs consisting of common ingredients that exfoliate and remove old skin. Pumice stone also refines callous skin, and it’s affordable. So fill your tub or a bucket with warm water to dip your feet in.

Doing your own nail job comes down to having the correct equipment and materials. These include a LED lamp, wipes, acetone, files and clippers, and gel nail solution. With enough practice, you’ll be whipping up salon-level manicures in no time. Not to mention, removing gel nail polish at home is extremely simple.


Aromatherapy is all about essential oils. Warm up the shower until there’s visible steam all around you, with the water nearly burning your skin. Once you’ve created your very own sauna, drop essential oils to the shower floor to release beneficial oils into the steam. You can also blot some oil into a washcloth or sponge. Lavender is the perfect oil for relaxation, and neroli is the best for uplifting. Remember that some skin types, such as overly dry or oily, react differently to various essential oils.

Of course, certain cosmetic procedures are ultimately only possible with the help of experts. However, you can easily replicate many activities that run up the bill at a salon for pennies on the dime. These four DIY beauty treatments you can do from home will leave you feeling squeaky clean and endlessly beautiful.

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