Different Ways To Take Good Care of Your Watch

While such considerations may not be at the top of the mind, any watch you invest in comes with potential problems or dealbreakers from external conditions and factors, such as pollen, dirt, dust, and the weather. Depending on the storage location of the timepiece, a watch may also be susceptible to moisture and high or low temperatures. Even though multiple watches come with advanced protection against these potential threats, it is still crucial to take care of yours the right way.

The rule of thumb here is to follow your watch manufacturer’s guidelines to maintain its perfect condition. However, you can also go the extra mile and follow these tips to ensure your watch lasts for years to come. Wondering about the different ways to take good care of your watch? Let’s take a closer look at the leading maintenance methods used today.

Steady Servicing

As with everything else, your watch needs proper servicing. If you have a quartz watch, make sure it gets serviced at least once every four years. Alternatively, if you have a mechanical watch, have it serviced once every two years.

Store It Properly

The best way to store your watch is in its original container in a dark, cool, and dry place. This can be in your vault or any other secure space. But regardless of the location, ensure the watch doesn’t come in close proximity to chemicals. This commonly occurs when your watch is near your perfumes. Such a habit might distort the quality—and the functionality—of the watch.

Clean It Regularly

If you wear your watch regularly, it’s safe to say the timepiece probably gets dirty once in a while. That is why cleaning your watch at least once every two to three weeks is crucial. Ideally, use a microfiber cloth to clean the watch. Do not use a soap and water concoction. Additionally, ensure the leather straps don’t touch the water while cleaning. This is key to avoiding potential damage.

Use the Warranty

If you get your watch from a reputable manufacturer, you will probably get a warranty with the watch. Make sure to use that warranty reasonably. If your watch malfunctions or encounters any operational issues, do not wait it out. Instead, visit the nearest manufacturing outlet and use the warranty to get the watch serviced correctly.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have gained a clearer insight into the different ways to take good care of your watch, be sure to follow these tips right away. If you remain cognizant of one or more of these guidelines, your watch will operate just fine and require minimal repairs in the long run. You will be able to enjoy its function and fashion statement for years to come.