Debunking Myths About Working From Home

The past year has forever changed the way businesses operate as many industries had to adapt to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. While many companies have found success with remote work, there are still many misconceptions that leave businesses and employees wary. Here are some of the most common myths about working from home and why they’re untrue.

Employees Are Not as Productive

One of the top concerns about remote work is that being out of the office ruins productivity. Employers and employees alike worry that there may be too much freedom to simply not work at home without managers and bosses around. However, there are still plenty of ways for business owners to track their employee’s productivity. Remote work can also increase employee productivity by giving workers the freedom to work in ways that are more comfortable and conducive for them, rather than confining them to eight hours at a desk.

Remote Work is Unsafe

Another worry many employers have is that protecting confidential business data is more complicated with remote employees. But in today’s electronic world, every employer should have a VPN or virtual private network covering all employees and company data from hackers, no matter where employees work.

Team Engagement Is Low

For an employee looking to build lasting friendships with coworkers or a business owner looking to create a strong company culture, working behind a computer screen from your living room might seem like a challenge. The truth is that your company culture, engagement, and workplace morale all depend on how you use remote work to your advantage. If you get creative and hold virtual happy hours and team chats, your employees will find ways to connect. 

Working from home comes with many misconceptions that can make it seem like a bad business idea. Debunking myths about working from home just may result in employers continuing remote work practices long after social distancing measures cease to be necessary.

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