Considerations for Buying a Massage Chair

Massage is almost synonymous with luxury. It conjures images of a day at the spa or on the deck of a cruise ship. But with everything going on in the world, getting to a masseuse isn’t always possible. That’s why investing in a massage chair can be a great choice, whether you have chronic muscle pain or want a little extra relaxation in your life.

As with any luxury investment, not every product is built the same. These considerations for buying a massage chair will help you make the best choice for you.

Parts of Body

When most people think of massage chairs, they usually assume the chairs only focus on the back. But massage chairs can also focus on other parts of the body. For example, many massage chairs come equipped with airbag compression technology for the legs. Some feature built-in foot massagers. When you’re considering buying a massage chair, think about the locations of sore spots on your body.


The massage chairs of today can give a more intense massage than their predecessors. If you have relatively severe chronic pain, you should look for a chair that can provide an intense massage. If you want general relaxation, a massage chair with 2D rollers or vibration technology should suffice. For more in-depth massages, you may want to decide between a 3D and 4D massager. For the strongest massage, consider a zero-gravity massager.


Heat is an excellent way to help release muscle tension and put your entire body into a state of rest. If you’re a fan of hot stone massages when you visit the spa, consider getting a chair with heated cushions. They’re perfect for relaxing away the winter doldrums if you live in an area that gets very cold in the winter.

Extra Features

Even though massage is about the muscles, it’s also about the atmospheric elements, such as low lights and pleasant music. If the experience is a major factor in how much you enjoy a massage, look for certain features in a chair, such as MP3 capability, ionized air, or LED lights. Some massage chair companies may even offer deals on other relaxation tools, like diffusers.

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