Common Summer Household Problems

Summer means school is out, vacation days are spent, and home projects are started. Nevertheless, summer can also mean uncomfortable temperatures, inclement weather, and bugs. A lot of these can affect your home, too. Homeowners need to know these common summer household problems and how they can avoid them.

Flooded Basement

Summer rains are common occurrences almost everywhere. Unfortunately, they’re a common sight in coastal communities where summer rains turn into summer storms. While some areas may get sprinkles or showers, thunderstorms and flash floods can devastate homes. One way is through a flooded basement. This causes major structural damage and property damage if it’s a finished or storage-use basement. Take precautions if you live in an area where this is a commonality with a working sump pump.

Sprinkler Issues

A broken sprinkler is another common problem. Occasionally, a lawnmower blade, feet, or animals can break your sprinkler system. While not the most devastating issue in the world, this can seriously harm your lawn. You may see dead patches of grass due to a faulty sprinkler system. Basic replacements can solve this issue, but also double-check to avoid significant damage. There may also be leakage in your sprinkler system, so be aware.


Of course, pests are one of the most common summer household problems. Given that critters and bugs look for shelter, don’t be alarmed if your house becomes their preferred abode. Birds may nest on your roof, wasps, and ants may inhabit your porch, and rodents can crawl in your basement. Don’t stress about these critters too much. Many department stores sell over the counter insecticide and animal spray. Alternatively, you can call a professional exterminator to treat your home and eliminate these grievances.

Air Conditioning Problems

For most people, summertime means high temperatures and humidity. While some areas have a cool wind chill or breeze, other areas need air conditioning. However, air conditioning problems are huge hassles in the summertime. Without central air conditioning, your discomfort will exceed expectations. Stress levels may rise, and your patience may diminish. Moods may sour and you’ll find yourself more irritable the longer you must endure the heat. It may also lead to heat stroke and dehydration. Avoid these issues by having a professional address any of your air conditioning problems.

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