Common Mistakes When Buying a Suit

It is often said that a man never looks better than in a well-fitting suit. And while this may be true, the opposite is also worth watching out for. Ill-fitting suits can look tacky and unprofessional, so it is best to know what to look for before picking up any old thing off the rack. Here are five common mistakes men make when buying a suit.

Poor planning

One of the biggest mistakes that men make when shopping for a new suit is not planning their purchase. Before stepping foot into a store, make sure that you have a budget in mind. New suits can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, so knowing what you want to spend before entering the store will make the process much easier.

As a buyer, you should also know the reason why you need a new suit. Different looks and styles are advised based on many factors such as how formal the occasion is, the season of the year, and even the age of the wearer. Advance research on appropriate dress for each occasion can save a lot of embarrassment.

Wrong look

Buyers should also avoid certain material and color choices when buying a suit. You can look at certain fabrics, such as polyester, and tell that it’s not a very high-quality material. Be sure to select cotton or silk if it fits within your budget.

You should also avoid flashy colors. While they might appear fun and festive, there are only specific circumstances where they will be wearable. Wasting money on a “fun” suit that will only ever see the inside of a closet is never a fun experience.

Failure to communicate

The most important part of any relationship is the ability to communicate effectively. This is true for any relationship, including the one that you have with your tailor. Knowing how to effectively communicate the alterations that you want performed will make the tailor’s job easier, making your suit look better as a result.

Wrong sizes

A custom-fitted suit doesn’t just end with how well everything fits in the chest. The suit lifestyle is also about making sure that the rest of your suit is on point. Make sure to have your sleeves and pant legs cuffed to avoid dragging. You should also make sure that you have some room in the chest to move. Remember that a slim-fit is good but having it too skinny will have the opposite effect.

Failure to accessorize

The final common mistake men make when buying a suit is that they don’t accessorize their purchase. Part of wearing a suit means making the entire outfit look good. This includes a properly fitted shirt, matching tie, a belt, and shoes that will work for the occasion and the season. Some men like to go even further with cufflinks, a handkerchief, or a pocket square. While not required, these simple additions can help separate the men in suits from the boys playing dress-up.

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