Common Misconceptions About Locksmiths

The first thing that may come to mind whenever you think about a locksmith is being stranded on the side of the road or being locked out of your house or office. You’re forced to call a locksmith for help. You might be hesitant to associate with them because their job seems questionable—but why does that have to be the case? People often assume the worst about people or things they know very little about, which incites fear. This is why common misconceptions about locksmiths tend to win out over facts. Read about some of the misconceptions below.

All Locksmiths Are Good for is One Thing

Not everyone realizes the trade of a locksmith requires a multitude of skills. Locksmiths are highly skilled at other services including security system installment and updating, door repair, and garage door repair. They can even provide UPVC windows, which are unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride—it’s a long-lasting alternative to wooden panel windows and their frames.

Locksmiths Have a Skeleton Key

It’s a misnomer that locksmiths are the end-all, be-all to picking locks or that they carry a specialized skeleton key that allows them to unlock any lock. This could not be further from the truth. Locksmiths rely on lockpicking technique and skill. One of these techniques is known as impressioning, which allows them to make molds of existing keys. They can also manipulate the locks through the locking system in place, effectively disabling them.

No Training, No Problem

Are locksmiths required to be trained to be certified? Many have asked and the simple answer to this is no, they do not. However, to become a certified and licensed locksmith, one must undergo hours of training and years of apprenticeships. The skills they hold could either be from on-the-job experience or more formal training. So, research your locksmiths before making the call for one of them to help you.

Things aren’t always what they seem; locksmiths have proven that. You should always keep a locksmith in your contacts just in case. You can always count on a locksmith to get the job done. So hopefully, this debunked the common misconceptions about locksmiths so you can have confidence in them as they help you out of your bind.

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