Common Computer Problems and How To Fix Them

In our technological world, there are many times when the technology we use may become damaged or obsolete. You can call an IT expert for help, but they aren’t always available and can only do so much without having your computer in front of them. Instead, we need the skills to help ourselves and fix our computers when everyday problems appear on our screens.

Slow Loading Times

There may be a time when the page you want to pull up takes minutes to load fully, a common problem amongst computers. There may be a problem with your upload and download speed, which may stem from a few possible issues with or outside your computer. Outside of the computer, the internet router may be experiencing a service disruption or other issue. Try to restart your router to give it a fresh start and hopefully a reboot in strength.

If your router restart doesn’t work, you might have multiple junk files and unnecessary data on your computer. Deleting the files can give your computer enough free space to process commands more quickly. Computers with too many pieces of information to sort through to find one scrap of data will take longer to load, but with less data to look through, loading times will be much faster.

The Computer Shuts Off Randomly

If your computer is shutting off at random intervals, you may have a problem with your power supply. The cord, power source, or the computer itself may have a connectivity issue that prevents power from flowing at a certain point. Check the outlet the computer plugs into and ensure both sockets work.

If the outlet works fine, inspect the computer’s power cord, and see if it has any physical damage, such as tears in the protective jacket that may cause it to malfunction. If all other areas of the power supply chain are functioning correctly, check the computer’s port where the cord plugs in to see if any obstruction might cause a disconnect.

Black Screen of Death

Many users know the dreaded Blue Screen of Death of Microsoft computers, but you may not know that there is also a Black Screen of Death. It’s a common computer problem that many need to know how to fix. When your screen goes from displaying images to a sudden black screen, there is probably a problem with the programming or the computer. To fix a Black Screen of Death on your monitor, try restarting the computer or only restarting the monitor. If you don’t see visible images show up, you may have to try cooling down the PC as it may have overheated.

Our computers are essential in our busy lives, and we need to know how to fix them when they malfunction. Using these methods to fix these common problems will help you get back to work or gaming.