Budget on the Road: 5 Ways To Save Money While Trucking

Life on the road can be expensive; the more money you spend while driving, the less you earn per trip. The best way to fix this is to budget on the road. Here are five ways to save money while trucking.

Make Your Own Meals

Exclusively buying food from truck stops, gas stations, and fast-food joints adds up quickly. Shop at grocery stores to stock up on snacks and simple meals. Invest in a microwave and mini fridge for your truck; this will allow you to make hot meals and keep your food fresh.

Avoiding fast food is a great way to save money and eat healthier. Many truckers struggle with weight and heart problems due to the sedentary lifestyle and accessibility of fast food. Buying healthy snacks and meals will help keep you healthy while on the road. Fresh fruit, beef jerky, nuts, and ready-made salads are all great options. Some grocery stores even have ready-made meals like sushi, chicken salad, and rotisserie chicken.

Take Advantage of Reward Points

Many chain stores have reward programs where you can earn a free drink or meal with enough purchases. Take advantage of these where you can, especially if it’s a store you frequent often. Keep track of the coupons the grocery store gives you—they’re often for items you’ve already purchased before.

Some truck stops have discounts and free showers available as rewards. Always ask about CDL discounts; the worst someone can do is say no.

Avoid Getting Tickets

Ticket fines get expensive very quickly, and as a truck driver, you have an additional concern—too many tickets in a short time can cost you your CDL. If you can’t drive, you can’t work, and you can’t make an income. So, drive safely, and enjoy the cash you keep because of it.

Avoid Breakdowns

Small issues with your vehicle can become big, expensive problems very quickly. These issues can also put your truck out of commission, again rendering you unable to work.

Perform regular maintenance to avoid any problems. If you notice a small rattling sound or the engine light comes on, investigate the problem immediately—you’ll be glad you did.

Prevent Damage to Cargo

Arriving at your destination with damaged cargo can result in a dock in payment to cover the cost of the damages. Avoid wasting your customer’s goods by protecting your truck’s cargo while driving.

Before departing, ensure your cargo is well secured and will not topple over or slide during travel. Drive safely to prevent any unnecessary jostling of cargo.

Budgeting on the road can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. These five ways to save money while trucking will keep your paycheck intact.