Best Types of Exterior Doors for Direct Sunlight

We all love to catch rays and drink in the warmth when the sunny season starts again. However, every home is laid out differently. For some, southern-facing rooms are blindingly bright and hot; for others, there aren’t enough ways to drink in the sunlight resulting in cold and dark spaces. Choosing the best types of exterior doors for direct sunlight depends on whether a homeowner needs to increase or decrease the light in each room. There are many types of doors well adapted to each task and that can make a home as comfortable as possible.

Doors Maximizing Light

Many homes benefit from emphasizing sunward entryways. The boon of heat given by the sun can cut energy costs by naturally maintaining a house’s temperature and reducing the need for artificial lighting. The best types of exterior doors for direct sunlight are ones that utilize glass panes.

Depending on exactly how much light a homeowner wants to allow, there are many shapes and varieties of doors. Mission doors typically feature a block of windowpanes at eye level. Sidelight doors have built-in windows on one or both sides of the frame. Other popular varieties range from half to full-length panels of glass.

Doors Reducing Light

While everyone wants that great southern exposure, there is always a point where a house gets too much light. More sunlight means more heat, which can turn a nicely lit room into an uncomfortable scorcher during different times of the day. If you have a space that is positioned for maximum light already, a well-chosen exterior door can deflect a little heat and make things more manageable. Besides this, the wrong type of door on a sunny side of a home can lose its beauty quickly versus UV waves and temperature shifts.

The best option for reducing overly bright rooms is a carefully selected wooden door. Wood won’t reach the roasting hot temperature a metal door will, nor will it deteriorate like fiberglass. Besides this, a solid wood door or one with decorative lights can help block or refract light around the interior space to bring down the temperature.

Doors for Managing Light

Generally, homes benefit from absorbing sunlight. However, there are often points during the day when maximum light and fresh air is best. For most doors, the only variance available is to open or close them. This isn’t always ideal depending on the location of the door. One alternative is multi-feature doors that allow better access without compromising on security.

Traditionally, the best way to let in sunlight is to employ Dutch doors, whose swing-wide upper and lower portions allow for easy customization throughout the day. Other styles include frames that allow for a wood door alongside swinging and sliding glass or screen panels. Dutch doors and varieties of patio doors still have locking features while emphasizing the enjoyment of sunny days.

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