Best Ideas for Storing Your Car for the Winter

When it comes to cars (especially those of luxury), the winter can often be one of the most trying times. Not only are the conditions likely unfavorable for driving, but they may be harmful to the car itself. As such, many find themselves looking for the best methods of storing their luxury car in a way that will preserve the quality and decrease the risk of damage to the car. Here are some of the best ideas for storing your car for the winter!

Home Garage Car Lift

When it comes to storing your car for the winter, there are not many better methods than a home garage car lift. These garage lifts ensure that your car is kept in a controlled environment without taking up valuable space that could be used by other vehicles. A car lift will also keep the car elevated off the ground, making it harder to get to for pests.

Block Off Your Exhaust and Intake

Another great idea when storing your car for the winter is to block off exhaust and intake. This is because these are areas where rodents love to settle in and live during the winter. Not only does it provide a warm place, but these pests often will chew on wire sheathing, damaging the fragile electrical components of your car. Blocking these entry points will make it that much harder for your car to become the home of a less than desirable guest!

Prepare Your Battery

During winter, batteries will often fail due to the freezing temperatures. Because these batteries need to be constantly fed with energy to keep the chemical reactions in balance, the car battery will often fail, whether or not it is attached to the car. As such, one of the best ways to prepare your battery for long-term storage is to install battery tenders. These tenders work to ensure that the battery remains charged at the right level, resulting in a longer-lasting battery that will be more resilient to fluctuations in temperature.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on the best ideas for storing your car for the winter. Remember that during the winter, roads are often salted. For this reason, it is important to wash your car after every winter ride to ensure that the salt from the road does not damage any part of your vehicle!