Best Front Porch Upgrades To Do This Spring

My favorite pastime is updating my home. I find myself lost almost daily in my social media feed of everyone updating their homes. Since winter is starting to wrap up, I decided it’s time to start shopping around for the best front porch upgrades to do this spring. Come along with me, and let’s get inspired together!

Add an Outdoor Rug

The best touch to a patio is probably a rug. Outdoor rugs are a fun way to style your porch. You have rustic, Zen, and farmhouse—so many styles, it can be hard to pick! I felt my porch couldn’t hit restart this spring without a rug. I aim to use more neutral tones and floral designs this spring because I can alter them to fit my tastes.

Paint the Door

Have any of you seen those color psychology quizzes that predict your personality? I noticed one on what your front door color says about your personality recently, and I took it. I realized these quizzes might hold some meaning—for example, a red door represents my personality best because I’m passionate about life and my goals. I’m setting the tone with my red door this spring, then adding a fun wreath to make it feel more like home.

Style Your Entryway With a Wreath

A wreath makes sense to have. It’s not only something to hang around the holidays; it’s anything you want it to be. Personally, I want a wreath because it makes my home feel refreshing to be in. I’ve thought about using some of my garden plants on the wreath, like wallflowers and daffodils, since they bring in new beginnings for the year.

Put a New Bench Outside

I don’t have the most comfortable seating outside. Instead of making up for how uncomfy my seats are and using seat cushions, I figured I’d get a new bench to put out on the porch. It’s convenient for my friends if they want somewhere to sit and take off their shoes, and it’s also nice because it fits anywhere. Plus, if I move to a different place with a smaller porch, the bench will still fit conveniently.

Spring Is About Plants

Spring is the best time to start planting. I love plants, and I have so many favorites! I love using plants to perk up my porch on a budget. Another thing I’m excited to add is bamboo shelving because it keeps my herbs and succulents organized and at eye level so I can see them daily. Using plants is a fun way to bring life to the porch this spring.

With these projects in mind, I’m going to have a lot of fun updating my front porch this spring. I hope these suggestions inspire you to create the best porch for your home. Continue exploring my blog for ideas on updating your home this spring!

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