Beautiful Lakes Worth Visiting in the US

When planning the perfect getaway, you have a lot of amazing destinations from which you can choose. Luckily, you don’t have to travel abroad to find exotic, stunning vacation spots. Check out this list of beautiful lakes worth visiting in the US to learn how unique and diverse this country’s hotspots are.

Crater Lake—Oregon

Nearly 8,000 years ago, a volcanic eruption led to the creation of a massive caldera in Oregon. Over time, rainfall and melted snow began filling the caldera. And unlike your roof’s gutters, the caldera had nowhere to redirect all the water. The caldera then became Crater Lake—the deepest lake in the United States.

Furthermore, many consider Crater Lake among the cleanest lakes on Earth. In the center of this massive lake are two incredible islands, creating a stunning display of nature worthy of any Instagram page. The blue water is great to look at, but the best way to experience this unique lake is by scuba diving below the surface.

Lake Tahoe—California/Nebraska

No list of beautiful lakes worth visiting in the US is complete without Lake Tahoe. California and Nebraska are two different states, but one commonality between them is access to Lake Tahoe. If you’re the type of person who loves taking a billion pictures on vacation, Lake Tahoe is the perfect spot for you.

Not only will you snap photos of the impressively crystal-clear waters, but also the daunting mountain ranges nearby. Whether you want to take a swim in cool water, ski down massive mountains, or indulge in a game of volleyball, Lake Tahoe is arguably the best place to do them all.

Lake Travis—Texas

Downtown Austin, Texas, is a must-see city in the US, but journeying outside the downtown area yields great results. In doing so, you can discover Lake Travis—a brilliant body of water that offers a place to watch the sunset every evening. However, before sunset, visitors can take party boats onto Lake Travis and head over to the Devil’s Cove. The Devil’s Cove is a world-famous hotspot for anyone looking for a great party atmosphere.

Plus, when you aren’t relaxing in the waters of Lake Travis, there’s an eclectic variety of great places to eat nearby. Ziplining and water parks are also activities worth trying during your visit. So, there are many fun, memorable activities to do on and around Lake Travis.

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