Just in case you haven’t seen them, Alux consistently drops great content all week.  In addition to their great daily content, they drop “Sunday Motivation” videos weekly.  The last two weeks were paired content speaking to types of men.  Alpha-Male?  Beta-Male?  Which one are you?


The Beta-Male: is in minority. Being artistic and calm, the betas that lived during stone-age, creating art on the cave wall and attending his wife’s need, were unfortunately not the ones that made it to the second round. Nonetheless, Beta males are intellectual as they prioritize brains before muscle. Beta is not necessarily a follower to Alpha, rather a different kind. He avoids confrontation and risks. He does not have a need to expose himself and keeps in the background.

He is diplomatic and conciliatory. He is poetic and sensitive. He appreciates beauty. He has inner self-esteem and does not prove his value in materialistic terms. He is “chilled” and a “cool dude”. He is cordial and warm. Beta-males are content with non-traditional gender roles a.k.a does not think “Men have to be Men”. The Beta has a normal or low amount of Testosterone. He is either a loner or groups with few other Beta-male friends and female friends.” – Anna Madsen, Elite Daily