A Quick History of the Jesus Piece and Its Value

The Jesus piece is one of the most prestigious jewelry pieces in hip-hop, rap, and R&B. This piece of jewelry keeps its wearer looking appealing with high class and style. People who own this luxurious item possess an interesting valuable with an even more interesting history.


The history of the Jesus piece and its value began on the hip-hop scene around 1995, when Ghostface Killah wore his own in the music video for Raekwon’s “Incarcerated Scarfaces.” Shortly after, Notorious B.I.G began to acquire multiple Jesus pieces for himself and the people closest to him, increasing the popularity and notoriety of the jewelry.

Rise in Fame

Jesus pieces started to become famous thanks to rappers such as Kanye West and Jay-Z, who began frequently wearing them in public and including references to them in their songs. This fanned the flames of the trend in the music production business. Jewelry stores also started selling Jesus pieces in growing quantities as they grew in fame.

Current Popularity

The history of the Jesus piece and its value holds a lot of symbolism for people as a religious and spiritual symbol, given its resemblance to Jesus Christ. Many artists wear this piece of jewelry to represent their faith and as a flossy way to show their status as their fame and incomes rise. As more listeners hear these songs, they, too, sought to acquire Jesus pieces, both as fans of the music and to link to their own religious beliefs.


Not all Jesus pieces are gold; some have bodies of silver or wood for lower prices. More expensive forms of this necklace feature gems in the crown of thorns and parts of the hair. Some people also customize the style by matching the chain with the gems, for instance.

The Jesus piece has made a considerable name for itself, for both its artistic appearance and wealth status. People still seek out this jewelry item and continue its history.