A Groom’s Guide: Tips for Helping Your Groomsmen Save Money

Standing up at a friend or relative’s wedding is a major honor, and being a groomsman comes with various responsibilities. While your groomsmen need to buy the specified wedding apparel, doing so shouldn’t cost a fortune. After all, this is your big day, and you can’t expect loved ones to spend all their extra cash on your wedding. Get the best tips for helping your groomsmen save money so you can help them prepare.

Know What They Pay For

Traditionally, there are a few expenses that the groomsmen pay for. Some costs each individual pays for include wedding apparel, travel accommodations, and a wedding gift. Moreover, all the groomsmen typically split the groom’s bill at the bachelor party; this includes travel, lodging, meals, and activities.

Noting this is important as it helps you plan each of these items. For the bachelor party, you shouldn’t plan a tropical vacation if your groomsmen can’t afford to go themselves. Consider creating a list of places and activities you’d like to do and then sharing it with your groomsmen so they can choose a place affordable for everyone.

Ditch the Tux

While a traditional tuxedo is the most formal-looking a gentleman can get, a tux is also quite expensive. Many couples dress the groomsmen in suits because they’re more affordable without sacrificing formality. While exploring traditional versus modern tuxedo stylesit’s also worth noting that the groom can be dressier than the groomsman. You can wear a tux and dress your groomsmen in corresponding suits.

Gift Them Accessories

If you want your groomsmen to wear a specific tie brand or cufflinks, consider gifting it to them at the rehearsal dinner. Usually, the couple gives everyone at the wedding party a present before the big day, and when you provide them with something to wear at the wedding, you help them save money.

Respect Their Spending Limits

The final tip for helping your groomsmen save money is to respect their spending limits. Chances are, you have a good idea of what your closest friends consider expensive. While spending several hundred dollars on a suit, shoes, button-up, and tie may be nothing to some, it can be a big deal to others.

Before making significant decisions, let your groomsmen know the approximate prices. As you look at suits, provide them with a price range so they budget accordingly. Remember, while your friend is there to support you, you still need to respect their budget. Happy wedding planning!

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