7 of the Top Most Iconic Classic Car Colors

When it comes to classic cars, appearances mean a lot. Even the best-performing classic won’t pull much of a crowd if its paint is peeled and shabby. Color is a huge part of what makes classic cars so striking. Let’s take a look at 7 of the top most iconic classic car colors and what makes them so memorable.

British Racing Green

This dark, forest-like green is the official motor racing color of the UK. You may have seen a British classic such as the V8 Vantage boasting this prominent shade before. This popular centenarian color is over 100 years old, and countless car manufacturers still use it today.

Rosso Corsa

Rosso Corsa is yet another official motor racing color, this time for Italy. You’ll find it on Ferraris, both old and new, worldwide. Red in general is a beloved color for classic cars thanks to its bold presence and the sense of pride and passion it evokes.

Liquid Yellow

This color may stir up visions of melted Kraft cheese, but we promise you, it looks better than it sounds. This subtle yet attention-grabbing yellow is easily one of the most popular yellow car shades simply because, unlike most other yellows, it isn’t obnoxious or retina burning. You have to hand it to Renault for thinking up such a perfect shade!

Championship White

White is simple, but that doesn’t make it any less iconic. This classic Honda color is subdued and classy. This charming minimalism is precisely what makes it so unforgettable.

Mica Blue

This stunning, deep blue shade is reminiscent of the vast ocean. Prying your eyes away from it is impossible, which is likely what Subaru had in mind when the company created it.

Hugger Orange

The signature color of muscle cars and pony cars, this bold, powerful color allows these classics to live up to their strong names. When you see a Hugger Orange Chevy speed down the road, one of the first thoughts to enter your mind is undoubtedly, “Wow, what a powerhouse!”

Silver Birch

Another plain yet enrapturing hue, this color has an air of mystery and danger to it, which may explain why it has appeared in several beloved action films, including Goldfinger and the 25th James Bond film, No Time to Die.

Above are 7 of the top most iconic classic car colors. If you’re restoring your own classic and in need of a new paint job, why not choose one of these iconic shades that are guaranteed to make your classic stand out among the masses?