The Las Vegas Strip at Sunset
The Las Vegas Strip at Sunset. Photo credit @arianblack via Twenty20

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being asked “What should you never say in Las Vegas?” on Quora. Over the years I’ve received some really interesting questions from “What’s the difference between white tie and black tie formal wear?”, “Is prostitution legal in Las Vegas?”, “How can I get comped bottle service?”, and “What’s the average pricing for cocaine?”, just to name a few. Yes, those are real questions.

I have quite a few “never say” suggestions, I might even revisit this and add more later. Understand these are in no particular order:

Never say “I’m VIP.” Only people who are not VIPs would ever deliver that line. Everyone who actually has VIP status need not remind people.

Never say “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” This phrase is only popular among tourists, that is unless you want to be identified as a tourist. Most of us that live here, and staff at 99.9% of locations, are only annoyed when we hear it.

Never say “I know [insert name].” This also goes for name-dropping. Trading on someone else’s name is a fast way to get really crappy service, or even removed from a venue in the wrong scenarios. It’s tasteless and never received well.

Never say “Do you know who I am?” I’ve heard this phrase often in nightclubs, restaurants, and at VIP front desks. They may or may not know who you are, but arrogance rarely works.

Never say “Prostitution is legal.” For the last time, prostitution is illegal in Clark County, it is legal in Pahrump. Nuff said.

And for the love of all that is holy, it is pronounced Nevada (“Ne-VA-duh”), not “Ne-VAH-duh.” Hard “A”, thanks.