5 Ways To Get More Enjoyment Out of Your Boat

Do you have a gorgeous boat, but you’ve grown tired of simply floating along the water with a beverage in hand? Try one or more of these outdoor activities to get more enjoyment out of your boat and more fresh air into your lungs. Let these five activities inspire you to get moving!

Have Your Own Dinner Cruise

Next time you have a date night or a gathering with friends on the calendar, bring a lavish meal aboard for your very own dinner cruise. Cook the meal yourself or have it catered—enjoying the experience with loved ones is what really matters.

Top Tip:

If you’d like to cook while aboard the boat, invest in a grill specifically designed for marine use. Enjoy a barbecue night without worrying about the main course slipping and sliding around.

Host a Fishing Competition

Get your best fishing buds together for a day of friendly competition on the water. Head out to your favorite fishing spot and see who can catch the most—or the biggest!—fish that day. Prizes can range from cash gifts to boating accessories to simple bragging rights.

Give Paddleboarding a Try

Get a full-body workout while enjoying your beloved boat by keeping your balance on a stand-up paddleboard towed behind the boat. Paddleboards are a must for any boat owner, and the combination of physical activity and fresh air will leave you feeling invigorated and full of new memories.

Tow a Tube

Tubing is a great aquatic activity for families as it’s a customizable experience. Tow an inflatable inner tube behind your boat at a variety of speeds, depending on whether you and your guests want a thrilling adventure or a lazy day.

Enjoy a Movie Night

Next time you and your friends schedule a movie night, why not host it on your boat? Set up a projector screen and a DVD player, and bring a few of your favorite movies aboard. Pop some popcorn, cozy up with pillows and blankets, and float along the water as you enjoy your own aquatic movie theater.

If you think you’ve run out of entertaining things to do on your boat, think again! These fun tips will help you get more enjoyment out of your boat and encourage you to hit the water more often.