5 Ways Modern Technology Makes Life Safer
Modern technology is constantly shaping the world around us. Here are some examples of how technology is changing for the better and making our lives safer.

New advancements in technology are continually changing the world around us. We often worry about the dangers new technology exposes us to, but in many cases, technology is a useful tool that keeps us safe in life. Here are five ways modern technology makes life safer. 

Data Encryption  

Remote computer hacking has become a significant concern in recent years, especially during the uptick in working from home this year. Data encryption codes information so unauthorized parties cannot retrieve the data, and it makes the data unreadable if it does fall into the wrong hands. For instance, if a hacker were to hack an online retailer that you recently made a purchase from, you won’t have to worry about the hacker obtaining your credit card information if it’s been encrypted.   

Location Tracking  

Location tracking software not only keeps you safe but protects your possessions as well. With an uptick in apps such as the Find My Friends app, you can always check in with friends or have a friend check in with you.   

Likewise, we can now track our possessions, as well. Did you misplace your laptop with all your personal information stored on it again? Simply track it down with location tracking software.  

Road Safety  

The technology used in our cars has drastically changed over the years. Car technology is no longer used to keep us safe in case of emergencies—it now aids in preventing emergencies. There are plenty of new innovative safety features that reduce collisions and prevent dangerous distracted driving.

Home Security  

How often have you left the house and wondered, “Did I lock all the doors?” From the touch of a button, homeowners can lock their doors, be alerted of unauthorized movement, and check-in with their property via video feeds to ensure their house is secure while they’re away.   

Facial and Fingerprint Passwords  

Almost all devices these days are transitioning from requiring lengthy passwords to using facial and fingerprint recognition. Facial scans and fingerprinting only provide you access based on your unique features and fingerprints, keeping all others locked out.   

These five ways modern technology makes life safer have drastically changed how we interact and rely on technology.   

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