5 Tips for Planning the Perfect StaycationWhat’s better than a vacation? A staycation. You stay local and have the opportunity for a fun or relaxing weekend. It’s the perfect in-between of a full-on vacation and a series of entertaining outings. You have so many options and can determine how to spend your time. Before making any plans, read these five tips for planning the perfect staycation.

Figure Out Your Location

Staycations are vacations in or around your home. The first step to planning one is figuring out your location. Do you want to check-in at a local hotel, stay at a friend’s house, or transform your standard bedroom into a retreat? Your choice frames the rest of your staycation by setting the mood and aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

Set a Budget

One way to figure out your plans for the staycation is to set a budget. Do you have room to splurge, or are you keeping things understated? Setting a budget will help you determine a spending range for activities. It will also prevent you from overspending. While creating your budget, you should research local deals and discounts. You may be able to partake in more activities than you think.

Create an Itinerary

What do you want to do on your staycation? Of course, relaxing is an option, but filling the day with activities is a fun way to explore your area. Seize the day and take advantage of the opportunities around you. Check out a local museum, try a new restaurant, or take a stroll in your favorite park. Regardless of the activity, create an itinerary to plan out your staycation.

Grab a Friend

Like vacations, staycations are enjoyable with other people. Grab a friend or family member and spend time together. You’ll have a great companion and someone to share memories with. Before finalizing anything, let your friend know at least a week in advance about the staycation plans. We promise you’re in for a fun ride.

Get Into Vacation Mode

It’s challenging getting into vacation mode when you technically haven’t gone anywhere. Therefore, this part takes some imagination. Picture yourself as a tourist in your city. Pretend your bedroom is a spa. You can tuck away your work phone or mute social media notifications and visualize yourself in a whole new location. Do whatever it takes to relax your mind.

Your next big “trip” is closer than you think. Staycations are fantastic alternatives to vacations. You don’t need to worry about traveling or wonder if you’re going to make it back to work on time. Everything you do is local! So, the next time you’re thinking of a mini getaway, remember these five tips for planning the perfect staycation.

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