5 Tips for Packing a Suit When Traveling

Traveling is one of life’s pleasures that will give you ample experience, opportunities, and adventures. Learning how to pack is an essential skill that everyone should perfect, especially when traveling for long periods or with unique items.

These tips for packing a suit when traveling will guide you through the process to make it more efficient and effective. Suits can suffer some damage and wrinkles when they’re not packed correctly. Following these tips will help keep your garments pristine.

Organize Your Carry-On Luggage

Traveling with carry-on luggage or a bigger tote bag makes a considerable difference when packing your belongings and making sure everything fits correctly. Carry-on luggage sometimes features different organization patterns, like extra pockets or divisions. Try to lay your suit as flat as possible, placing it on top of your other folded items. Your suit should be the last thing you pack in your carry-on.

Fold the Suit Correctly

Fitting your suit into a smaller space means you must fold it correctly to ensure no wrinkles or damage occur. Start by folding the suit jacket vertically through the middle to make the lapels touch and gently press the collar. Then, fold it in half again; this will create a more square shape that will fit perfectly in your luggage.

Consider a Checked Bag

Checked bags are normally larger, making it easier to pack your suit in them. The suit jacket is the element that needs the most attention when packing because it is the component that features the most unique elements. Pants are fairly easy to fold and pack, and you can adopt the same packing method for your suit pants as you would any other type of trousers. Whether you’re packing an American, Italian, or British cut suit in your checked back, always try to lay your suit flat in the luggage. If you must fold it, always fold it vertically first.

Invest in a Suit Bag

There are special bags available that are specially designed to protect your suit while traveling. You will hang your suit in this bag, then fold it and place it in your luggage. These specialized bags are slightly more complex to travel with because they are large and can only hold a suit and a few smaller items. This option is ideal for suits made of sensitive materials like linen or silk.

Wear It

If you are flying for a less significant amount of time, you can wear your suit on the flight. Traveling with a suit and sitting on your jacket for too long will cause wrinkles, so removing it and placing it inside the overhead bins is best. If you will be flying for longer than a few hours, this option may not be best.