5 Basic Things Every Guy Needs in a Grooming Kit

Society doesn’t expect men to be interested in grooming beyond a shower, shampoo, and running a comb through their hair. But putting more effort into improving your personal appearance can go a long way toward looking good and feeling better about yourself. Not sure where to start? Here are five basic things every guy needs in a grooming kit. Put one together and keep it handy.


If you’re averse to wearing cologne, you can easily get by with a basic soap scent combined with your preferred deodorant. Otherwise, it doesn’t hurt to add a touch of aroma here and there to make a better impression on others. Cologne comes in several variations: floral, wood, spicey, and fresh. Scent is something you need to decide on yourself, but it’s a good idea to shop and get the opinion of a friend or significant other. The main rule is to never overdo it and put on so much cologne you and everyone around you are swimming and gagging in it. Forget the image of smacking aftershave onto your face; add a touch of cologne to pulse points inside your wrists, elbows, knees, behind the ear, and at your throat’s base.

Clothing Care and Maintenance Kit

If you bother to dress well, learn to properly clean and maintain your garments. If you have pets, pick up a lint brush and do spot checks for loose fur marring your clothing. Keep an iron and steamer handy to get rid of wrinkles in suits. Keep a magic eraser of stain removal stick to fight spots and apply stain remover to any bad stains before washing.


Healthy skin is always in fashion. When you spend time outdoors, ensure you’re well-protected from the sun’s killer ultraviolet rays by applying sunscreen with a high SPF. A good sunscreen can prevent not only sunburn but also freckles, peeling skin, and skin cancer. Sunscreen is also one of those things that pays down the line. As you get older, your skin will stay looking younger if you protect it today.

Hair Trimmer/Clipper

It pays to make a monthly (or however often you prefer) trip to the barber or stylist for a trim or overall cut and styling. But it’s up to you to maintain it between visits, especially if you favor a beard or other facial hair. Keep your hair under control with periodic light trimming but ask your stylist or barber for tips on how to do it.

Hand Lotion

When compiling the five basic things every guy needs in a grooming kit, don’t neglect your hands. They’re more apt to get dry and cracked than other parts of your body, especially if you conscientiously wash them before and after every meal and whenever you use the restroom. Keep them moisturized with a basic hand lotion to restore and rejuvenate them.

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