5 Backyard Projects You Can Start This Winter

If you’re feeling trapped indoors and need more fresh air, consider these five backyard projects you can start this winter to bring the outdoor space back to life!

Build a Backyard Patio or Deck

If your backyard doesn’t have a proper backyard lounging space, you need one! It’s perfect when you need a space to sit outside or entertain guests. Building a patio is cheaper than constructing a deck, but each structure has its charms.

First, determine your budget for the project. Then, measure the available space in the backyard for a new patio or deck. From there, you can dig deeper into deciding which materials you need and how you’re going to construct this project. You won’t regret building the perfect outdoor lounging space for every season of the year!

Install a Fire Pit

The fun doesn’t have to wait until the summer months. You can find classic fire pits that burn wood or modern fire pits that rely on propane. No matter which style you choose, remember to pick out a fire pit with fire-safe materials, such as copper, ceramic, cement, and brick.

Once you set up a fire pit, you’ll become more excited to enjoy time outside again. Installing a firepit in the winter encourages you and your loved ones to relax outside and enjoy the fresh air and crackling flames.

New Outdoor Furniture

With all your new backyard projects this winter, think about buying some new outdoor furniture to complement the renovations! Find reliable furniture with removable or weather-safe cushions. Neutral colors are always an excellent option, but you shouldn’t be afraid to add a few pops of color to liven the space.

Sealing Your Wooden Fence

It’s important to know how to maintain your wooden fence to keep it safe during the cold winter months. Plus, maintaining your fencing is a fantastic excuse to get outdoors. The easiest way to keep the wood in good condition is to apply a waterproof stain. Wood is notorious for absorbing moisture easily. With the risk of snow sitting on the fence’s surface for a long time, using a waterproof stain will protect the surface from deteriorating during winter.

Plant Greenery

The winter can feel dreary due to the bare trees and a lack of blooming flowers. The good news is that you can plant a variety of bright, lively plants during the winter that won’t wither away! Some amazing plants include ornamental grasses, camellias, dwarf globe blue spruce, and cypress trees.

Your freshly updated backyard will become your new favorite space after conducting these amazing winter upgrades!