4 Ways To Winterize Your Truck
You have transportation needs all year long, even when it’s difficult to drive heavy machinery. To prepare, read up on these easy ways to winterize your truck.

Your lifestyle may not change much during the winter season, but road conditions do. Whether you drive a car or a pickup truck, there are some important preparations you should make in anticipation of the increased snowfall, black ice, and sleet. Here are some simple ways to winterize your truck.

Use the Right Tires

Before the winter truly sets in, you ought to consider the differences between all-season and winter tires. The right tires can aid your seasonal travel in a myriad of ways, but winter tires truly improve your truck’s performance and decrease your safety risks. The right set of tires will keep you secure on the road around other vehicles, allowing you peace of mind while you’re driving in heavy snowfall.

Fill Up on Windshield Wiper Fluid

Your windshield wipers may work well, but the windshield wiper fluid may be frozen. To avoid this problem, mix in a bit of wiper fluid that doesn’t freeze at low temperatures. The mixture of both fluids will keep the entire volume from solidifying.

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

Aside from sporting the right set of tires, you also need to maintain the proper tire pressure month to month. Your tire pressure changes with the temperature outside. When it’s hot, the air inside your tires expands; when it’s cold, the air contracts. During the winter, you’ll likely need to add air once you experience sustained freezing or subzero temperatures. Watch your tire pressure when the spring thaw comes. You’ll want to release the extra air from winter, or else you increase the risk of problems with your tires.

Pack a Safety Kit

During the winter, anything can happen while you’re on the road. You could drive into a blizzard, veer off the road, or crash into roadside objects. In each of these scenarios, you could be stuck in a frigid situation without a way home. So, be sure to pack a safety kit that includes water, food, blankets, and a flashlight, at minimum. You want to add some other personalized items, but the most important things to include revolve around central human needs. Be sure you have a first aid kit, since you may need this in an emergency as well.

Use these ways to winterize your truck before the first heavy snowfall this year. There are many ways to stay safe and prepared while continuing your work. With the right measures in place, you can have a pleasant winter this year!