4 Ways To Prepare Yourself for a Big Promotion

It’s normal to want more from a professional career. Getting complacent and staying in the same position for years can make you feel stagnant. Never be afraid to go after what you want professionally—especially if that means angling for a new position at your current workplace. Check out these four ways to prepare yourself for a big promotion.

Track Your Wins

Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself. Modesty is not your friend when it comes to preparing for a job promotion. Your employer needs to know why you’re suitable for the job, and showing them all your accomplishments can convince them you’re a good fit.

Keep a record of all your accomplishments over the last two years. Make sure the work you show them is consistent and appeals to the promotion you want. Your wins should portray what a good asset you’ll be for the position. You may want to include old job performance reviews too.

Be Active

You won’t get a promotion sitting down. The boss wants to see your interest and participation in the job. Try to attend any job trainings, workshops, or group activities they host. It’s all about showing leadership and initiative and being a team player.

Keep track of all the sessions you attend too, but avoid being a silent audience member. Make sure you speak and be an active participant in every session. Even if your boss doesn’t attend, there will be someone there taking notes and noting your contributions.

Look the Part

Your physical appearance is equally important when it comes to job promotions. You need to look “the part.” If you’re angling for an executive position, you need to dress like an executive. Match the vibe of the department you hope to join.

That said, you don’t need to perform a huge makeover. Something simple, such as a new trendy haircut, goes a long way. You can also use this opportunity to revamp your wardrobe. If you tend to dress on the more casual side, start incorporating more professional attire into your work outfits.

Make Recommendations

There is a reason why you want that promotion. Aside from a pay increase and a new challenge for yourself, you likely see some improvements you can make for the company. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions or point out opportunities in the current order of operations.

Employers like workers who are innovative and motivated. Look over previous records of the job and see if you notice any trends or areas that need improvement. Bring those recommendations to the table during the interview so that your employer sees how active and serious you are about the position.

Preparing for a big promotion is always nerve-wracking. However, following these tips will make your journey toward a new role easier to manage.

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