4 Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Marketing Posters

A marketing poster helps a business capture its target market’s attention and stand out. To do this, you’ll need to decide on a color palette, use the right fonts, pick a material to print on, and compose several drafts. Delve into the top tips for creating eye-catching marketing posters to increase the public’s interaction with your business.

Pick a Color Palette

Stick to color families when choosing hues for your marketing posters. Consider the different shades and tints of each color and assess how different hues impact color pairings. Neon pink could clash with pastel blue since the former is so bright, but pastel pink might make for a great pairing that appears softer. 

You should consider which options best reflect your brand as you narrow your color palette. Begin with your company colors and determine which shades accent them the best. For instance, if your business color is royal blue, you may choose to accent it on posters by adding hot pink, canary yellow, and cream. 

Use the Right Fonts

Choosing the right font for your marketing poster is crucial, as it can make or break the success of your campaign. Your chosen font reflects your brand’s personality and adds more information to your message. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s also about making sure your target audience can easily read and understand your message. 

The poster font should appear aesthetic, but looks aren’t the only thing to consider. Some typography may look more interesting than Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial, but the font you pick shouldn’t make reading the message challenging.

Pro Tip

Consider how color will impact your chosen font style. Helvetica font in a bright yellow color will be much harder to read than if the text were in navy blue.

Print on the Right Material

Think of your poster’s purpose and select a material that best reflects it. For instance, posters and photographs are two of the most common projects that require bond paperThis is because of the matte and glossy finishes bond paper offers. On the other hand, billboards use vinyl since it’s more resistant to rain and other weather conditions.

Draft Concept Art

The final tip for creating eye-catching marketing posters is to make several drafts. Making concept art before making a final poster allows for experimentation and exploring different styles and ideas. By creating multiple concept art options, designers can collaborate with coworkers to determine which option best illustrates the desired messageThis iterative process also allows for feedback and improvements to make sure the final poster effectively communicates its intended message.

Marketing posters help a business attract new customers as they reach out to their target audience. Thinking strategically allows you to craft the perfect marketing material to capture the public’s attention. 

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