3 Things to Know Before Installing Window Film

While you take pains to carefully manicure your living space, a lot more goes into creating the “right” aesthetic than you think. Your lighting is a defining characteristic, and while you can fiddle with your light fixtures all day, don’t underestimate window film’s ability to block glare and massively improve a room’s feel. Beyond stopping glare, window film works to also block potentially harmful UV rays and make your space cooler. Before calling an installer, consider these things to know before installing window film.

Installing May Void Your Warranty

First, know that your window manufacturer likely has a warranty in place promising to replace your windows if they sustain damage within a certain time period. This warranty policy is essential for those who need a replacement window due to environmental damage and other causes; however, installing window film can void your warranty. While policies vary, manufacturers often don’t intend their windows to accommodate window film, which could compromise window integrity in several ways. The point is, research your warranty policy and then assess the costs and benefits of window film.

There Are Several Types of Window Film

For those curious about other things to know before installing window film, know that there are many more types than you may think, and several serve intriguing functions. While prototypical window film options protect against the sun’s rays, others prevent graffiti and make glass doorways and windows harder to break into. Many are decorative and helpful for creating a private setting, typically in the workplace.

You May Qualify for a Federal Tax Credit

A restored policy allows homeowners who install window film to claim a $500 tax credit to incentivize this sustainable practice. This further incentivizes an already advantageous product that improves your home’s feel. Before planning on a tax break, though, make sure the window film you choose does indeed qualify.

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