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Seemingly unlikely bedfellows, the necessary pairing of technology and luxury.



Microsoft Certified C# Developer and additionally, SharePoint (2010, 2013, Online) Developer.  University of Nevada Las Vegas Android Developer as well.


Can you survive Detroit?
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Film and Television

Check out my Mr. Glitterati’s Christmas commercial or view his profile on IMDB.  Remember, don’t be broke!

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ASMALLWORLD Ambassador.  The ASW Events Ambassador is a special status awarded to those members who support the concept of ASW and both plan and organize ASW Events within their communities.

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“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced”

Soren Kierkegaard

"Ron is an excellent resource in all ways. Energetic, personality, and the skills to get the job done. Ron has worked hard and continues to expand his skills and scope."

− Michael Foley, CIO at Universal Care Management Systems

"I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Ron on a few events and have always found him to be tirelessly dedicated to the project at hand."

− Melanie Mabry, Marketing Director at Sam's Town Las Vegas

"Ron just doesn't look to get a task accomplished; Ron works hard to make sure the approach taken is the best approach given the circumstances."

− Augie Bloomquist, Project Engineering/Management Operations/Maintenance Support

"During the tenure of my relationship with Ron, he has shown nothing but an upstanding attitude toward his work, an outstanding attention to detail and the determination to carry not only his, but others' projects and troubles through to resolution."

− Bruce Hennigar, Network Security / CALEA Engineer at Clear Wireless

"Ron Jones is a highly educated and skilled business partner with an ambitious mindset. We really appreciate Ron as a business partner and friend for his humour, his belief in Les Femmes an his persistence in getting us where we want to be."

− Les Femmes Owner, Les Femmes (Oslo, Norway)

"Ron is a self starter who knows how to find the answers if they are not apparent and is honest with all aspects of his professional and personal attainments."

− Linda Yoast, F&B POS Programmer at Wynn/Encore Las Vegas

"Ron Jones has been one of the most efficient, hard-working individuals that I have had the opportunity to work with."

− Melissa Mendell, Database Administrator at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas